HSN LIVE presents Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga: Get an exclusive look behind the scenes of the making of Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga’s new jazz album “Cheek To Cheek”, along with previews of some of the upcoming tracks. Over 20,000 copies were sold during the two airings of the special last Saturday night and the following Sunday morning.

You can pre-order the HSN deluxe version of “Cheek To Cheek”, which includes Tony’s solo cover of ‘The Lady’s In Love With You’ and Gaga and Tony’s 2011 collaboration ‘The Lady Is A Tramp’, on HSN’s website.

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"The problem with stereotypes is not that they are untrue, but that they are incomplete. They make one story become the only story."

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, The danger of a single story (via ted)

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he can go from Papi to Pendejo real quick

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Courtney Act is Flawless in These ‘Time Out New York’ Fashion Photos! More >

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"All I want is you. From, August"

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Today is the 51st anniversary of the bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, AL



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